Treatment method of secondary wastewater of kitchen waste



The invention discloses a treatment method of secondary wastewater of kitchen waste. The treatment method comprises the following steps of: (1) carrying out materialization pretreatment on kitchen wastewater to remove floater, animal or vegetable butter, oil and SS (suspended matter) in the wastewater; (2) carrying out the two-stage hydrolysis acidification-IC (internal circulation) anaerobic reaction treatment and biochemical treatment of an aerobiont separation bed on the wastewater; and (3) carrying out flocculation and precipitation on the biochemically-treated wastewater to discharge, and concentrating, dewatering and drying precipitate. The wastewater discharged by using the method reaches The people's Republic of China national standard of sewage comprehensive discharge standard (third-level discharge standard); through two-stage hydrolysis acidification-IC anaerobic reaction treatment, the gross removing rate of CODcr (chemical oxygen demand) can reach more than 92%, and carbon source does not needed to be supplied in the midway of the reaction, so that the normal running of equipment can be guaranteed.




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