Integrated drinking water treating device



The utility model discloses an integral drinking water processing device, which comprises a raw water pump, a multi-media filter, an activated carbon filter, a cartridge filter, a high-pressure pump, a reverse osmosis system, a water outlet tank, a water outlet pump and an antisludging agent adding device, wherein the multi-media filter is connected with a raw water source of the raw water pump, the multi-media filter, the activated carbon filter and the cartridge filter are connected sequentially, the antisludging agent adding device is arranged at the cartridge filter, the cartridge filter is connected with the reverse osmosis system through the high-pressure pump, the reverse osmosis system is connected with the water outlet tank, and the water outlet tank is connected with a water collecting area through the water outlet pump. The integral drinking water processing device in integrally movably type is stable and convenient in operation, wide in application range, reasonable in structure, and small and light in volume, is mainly adaptable to occasions such as industrial and mining enterprises, field work areas, family-use occasions and the like, and simultaneously has the advantage of low operation cost.




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