Modular type integrated energy-saving sewage treatment device



The utility model relates to a modular type integrated energy-saving sewage treatment device. A main body comprises a grille, an adjusting tank, a hydrolysis and acidification tank, a contact oxidation tank, a sedimentation tank, a sludge tank, a disinfection tank, a discharge tank, a lifting pump, a water distribution pipe, a flexible filler, a combined filler, an underwater aerator, a reflux pump and a sludge pump. The modular type integrated energy-saving sewage treatment device is characterized in that a modular structure is adopted, and the device is suitable for small energy-saving sewage treatment far away from municipal drainage pipe networks. The modular type integrated energy-saving sewage treatment device can facilitate plant manufacturing and transportation, has a low capital construction cost and a simple process, occupies smaller space, can save the energy and only produce low noise, is flexible to operate, and needs no equipment room. Therefore, the device is suitable for decentralized sewage treatment and can be applied in treatment of domestic organic sewage in residential areas, hotels, nursing homes, schools, mines, factories and the like as well as treatment of similar industrial organic sewage, and thus the scope of application is broadened.




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