Water circulation supply system for sewage recycling



The utility model relates to the technical field of water circulation systems and in particular relates to a water circulation supply system for sewage recycling. The system comprises a grating well, and an aeration regulating reservoir, a hydrolysis acidification pool, a contact aeration basin and a coagulative precipitation tank which are sequentially connected through pipelines, wherein the coagulative precipitation tank is communicated with a biological aerated filter and a sludge tank; the biological aerated filter is communicated with a disinfecting tank; the grating well is communicated with the aeration regulating reservoir through a first water inlet and is connected with a water inlet pipe for feeding sewage; and the disinfecting tank is communicated with a clean water basin through a second water inlet. The system adopting technical scheme in the utility model has the beneficial effects that the system is low in investment cost, low in energy consumption, reasonable in design, simple in process flow, high in load resistance and small in sludge production, the effluent stability of sewage treatment is guaranteed, the sewage treatment effect is greatly improved, and the using standard of power plant cycle cold water supply can be well achieved.




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